It's no secret that living with someone else influences your daily perspective and experience in the place you call home. When you're no longer living under parental guadianship, expections collide and issues arise eventually with everyone - whether it's with a family member, significant other, friend, classmate, or someone new. And with the high cost of rent and stagnant salaries a constant concern, living with someone else is an inevitable option.

The Happy Co-Living Project is a mindful co-living and self-development platform for meeting like-minded people and building happy experiences in shared spaces. You have guidance through community for being under the same roof on the same journey with purpose-driven boundaries, reducing the likelihood of bad vibes being reason to seek a different place to call home.

We provide services to support you before and while living together with anyone else. So you don't have to be in the process of moving to create a profile or to use any of our services. You don't have to be a college student or couple or certain age to join. Just be you, just as you are - whether you are seeking a space, have a space, or want to find someone in which to share a space. Our mission is to create mindful, positive and sustainable foundations for people in co-living environments to resolve conflict and create shared bliss.

Unlike other sites, we focus on supporting overall well-being first. We believe how we live can change the world. First how we live is how we foster compassionate communities and broaden life learning. And this community is just the beginning. Go ahead, look around, and start a new co-living journey :)