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Take the Adultlife 201 workshop to earn a badge on your profile as someone who values self-knowledge, practical boundaries and happiness. It will show everyone that you're interested in being a phenomenal co-living buddy :) Check out the schedule for an upcoming session.

This is our community to get to know one another. It's a fantastic way to make good decisions about our personal habitat. 

  • Be authentic in setting up your profile. Share photos of your space if you have one or videos of what it would be like to live with you. Make it personalable and real. 
  • Post and answer questions in the forum to offer support to others.
  • Sign up to practice mindfulness to bring peace and awareness to your environment.

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  • You can only message people who are friends with you. Send a friend request if you want to connect with someone.
  • Invite them out to an event to get to know them more.

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